Certified Nurse-Midwives — A Natural Choice

VCU Health certified nurse-midwives
(from left to right):
Melanie Hartman, Leslie Fehan,
Holly McGroary and Ashley Mirmak

At VCU Medical Center, our certified nurse-midwives are integral members of the childbirth team. The nurse-midwives specialize in low-intervention, natural childbirth for low risk women. Together with obstetricians, nurses ...and YOU... the nurse-midwives help you achieve your best birth while also preparing you for becoming a new parent.

Certified nurse-midwives care for pregnant women through:

  • Comprehensive prenatal care, either individually or through the CenteringPregnancy® program
  • 24/7 labor support — available to you on-call when you go into labor at home and by your side once in the hospital
  • Providing emotional support and encouragement during labor
  • Offering position changes and hydrotherapy to encourage labor to progress naturally
  • Supporting each woman's health care decisions before, during and after birth
  • Facilitating a strong mother-baby bond and support for breastfeeding

Nurse-midwives work in collaboration with VCU Health physicians and have immediate access to their support should complications arise during labor or birth.

If you are interested in meeting with VCU Health's nurse-midwives, please call 804-828-4409 or request an appointment online.

For your convenience, new patient consultations are offered at both VCU Health at Stony Point and Nelson Clinic on the downtown campus.

Overview of Nurse-Midwife Care

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